Vowel, Stress Mark, Sound Change

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     Vowel plays an important role in pronouncing. There will always have a stressed syllable in a word (with more than 1 syllable). You’ll pronounce it strong and clear than others. This is interesting because.

“ДОМА” read “DOMA” has the stressed mark at the first syllable, means “at home”
While this same word with different stressed mark, gives a different meaning.
“ДОМА” read “DAMA” , means “many houses”

     The place where stressed vowel appears also causes sound change.
For example, vowel “E” (ye) pronounces as vowel “Э” (eh) in this word “ГАЗЕТА”,
where the stressed vowel appears in the middle syllable.

     And, If there is the unstressed vowel appears no matter how many syllables, sound(s) will be changed or reduced automatically. See Russian vowels/ consonant / marks and pronouncing.

Here’s the table in brief.   

*Firt Syl. = Fisrt Syllable
*Middle Syl. = Middle Syllable
*Last Syl. = Last Syllable
*After Vo. = After Vowel
*After Co. = After Consonant

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