How to say "Hi"

     I’d like to make my blog more useful for anyone who has the interest to speak Russian language.  Basically based on situations in my daily life. I try to make it precisely and easily to understand. I also provide Russian text together with English. So that you can practice reading in the same time.
     My situation is I met my friend Natalia by chance yesterday. Here what I said!

Hi, Natalia!
privet, Nataliya!
Привет, Наталия!
Hi, Tran! How're things?
privet, Tran! kak dela?
Привет, Тран! kак дела?
I’m fine. Thank you, and you? 
oo menya kharasho. spasiba. ah oo tebiy?
У меня хорошо. cпасибо. a у тебя?

Note: This conversation is an informal form. Normally use with people you’re close with like family or friend.  You might want to say something else like:

How have you been up to?
chto ti delayesh?
Что ты делаешь?
I’m studying Indian language.
ya oochoo indianskiy yask.
Я учу индийский язык.
I changed my job.
ya pamenyal svayoo rabotoo.
Я поменял свою работу.
How’s your work?
kak tvoya rabota?
Как твоя работа?
I just had promotion.
oo menya vot povyisheniye.
У меня вот повышение.
Nice to see you.
rad tebya videt.
Рад тебя видеть.
See you again later, take care.
oovidemsya skoro opyat.
Увидемся скоро опять.

     Hope you’re enjoy practicing, Пока!

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