What it feels like to live in Russia

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     Now I rent an apartment in Perm city by the help of a house agent.  It’s 50 Sq., 1 bedroom, 1 bath, 1 living room, 1 kitchen and fully furnished. The rental fee is quite high for an average middle class like me and Russians.  But I’m satisfied with the garden view and fresh air from my window.

     It’s easy access to downtown. Supermarkets, parks, school, theaters are just in walking distance.  For your information about residence in Russia, see what I like and don’t.

1. There are no common area expense.
2. Always find playground and recreation area nearby.
3. Free Parking Lot.
4. Easily find big units in downtown area in affordable rent.

Don't Like:
1. Most of Buildings are old (for rent) including furniture and elevators. 
2. No parking area provided, if there are they are very limited.  So people need to park the cars on side road or at the entrance of the buildings.  It becomes problem once it gets to winter.  So they need to rent or build the parking spaces somewhere else.
3. As I mentioned the rent is expensive comparing with Russian cost of living  especially in real estate.

     See typical Russian housing.





     There are also nice and new buildings to rent but the fee is amazingly high like double.

Since Russian economy is growing, constructions are everywhere. And that makes me worry about the nice living space of what Russian have today.  That’s all for today:)


  1. Anonymous8/09/2012

    Hello. I used to live in Russia until 2001 and was recently thinking about how many English people are now living in Russia. So I found your blog via the expats site. I find it interesting and have been to Perm in 1991. I often wonder how it looks now and how it may have changed. I spent lots of time in Sverdlosk when I lived in Russia, now Yekaterinburg. I still speak Russian too and do translating work here in the UK. Take Care and enjoy life in Russia. It was a lovley place when I lived there, hope its still the same.

    1. Hi, Yes very few foreigners living in Perm now I suppose. Mainly they live in Moscow only less people heard or know about this city even it's also big city and nice one. The government tries to promote the city as another spot for tourist. In history Perm is very an important city in trading in Soviet period. The city is still nice but also there are more constructions, cars, modern boutiques more and more every day. I hope you had a good time in Perm that time:)


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