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     About a year, I moved from my country (Thailand) to Russia with family for work. Before I’ve lived in a city names Nizhniy Novgorod lately we moved to a another city, names Perm. It’s such a nice city with wonderful natural sights.  I found that one good way to explore through any city is to travel by bicycle.  It’s easy to watch, to park, to reach many places, save energy and also very good exercising.
     Talking about transportation, I don’t have a car here.  So if i need to go somewhere in town, public transports are my choices. It’s very convenient and incredibly cheap.

Type/Starting Fare:
(1 RUB = app. 0.0321 USD)  

Buss: 12-18 RUB
Tramway: 12 RUB
     No tramway service in my country , recalled me the first time on board was so excited! It’s cute, unique and very classic vehicle. (in my opinion).

Train(City Line): 15 RUB
     Mainly transports people living from suburb or vicinity to town.
Taxi: 200 RUB(cross the town)
     Not like in Moscow, some taxi driver can be anyone with no uniform with no specific sign like a yellow cab you’ve seen anywhere. So you must notice. If you see car parking in the side road, they can be a taxi or may be not. Just go and ask. There are no meter and no specific price up to negotiation. Please don’t be surprised if they drive so fast and do the drip turn like an actor from a movie names Taxi. It’s the unique style here;)
Ok, That’s all for today. Have good day/ good night:)



  1. Anonymous10/04/2012

    I live in Republic of Bashkortostan. It is next to the Perm region. I read with interest your blog))

    1. Hi! Thank you for visiting my blog. I used to travel from Samara to Perm by trian. I must have passed Bashkortostan many times but haven't got the chance to travel there. Bashkortostan must be a nice city as I'm watching by google map now:)

  2. Anonymous10/09/2012

    Bashkortostan is national Republic :). I live in Kumertau city. Welcome if you'll want visit! There is beautiful nature in our region. I would like to talk with you more if it's possible))

    1. Yes you're welcome. Wish to see more photos or Kumertau too. Have a great day:)

  3. Anonymous10/10/2012

    If you can give me your email address I'll send you some photos of Kumertau, if you don't mind of course. My email irinakurochkina1984@yandex.ru.

    1. Thanks for your email. I already sent mine:)


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