Russian Currency

The “ruble” (рубль) is an official symbol of Russian Currency. The first letter "p" is spelled as letter “r” in Russian. The coin unit under 1 ruble is called “kopek” and has the symbol “k” (100 kopecks are 1 ruble).
Above pictures are coinages using in Russia. There are one, five, ten and fifty kopecks. Next are one, two, five and ten rubles respectively. Moreover, there are some different bank notes and degrees.

Light green = 10 ruble notes
Blue = 50 ruble notes
Brown = 100 ruble notes
Purple = 500 ruble notes
Green = 1,000 ruble notes
Red = 5000 ruble notes
Russia is not a member of European Union, so they still use their own currency. If you plan to travel to Russia, you should prepare some cash in advance for any expense. In case you don’t have, at airport, there are several exchange booths provided and different ATM providers. If you’re in the city, you can also exchange it at the banks or exchange booths with better rates. They mainly accept standard currencies like dollar and Euro in general. (1 USD = 31.1670 RUB / 1 EUR = 40.0508 RUB approximately). Don’t forget to present your passport to the officer.

See how prices are written in Russian.
5,521.50 Ruble = 5,521,20p/ 5,521p20k
14,827.30 Ruble = 14,827,30p / 14,827p30k
1,792,045.75 Ruble = 1,792,045,75p/ 1,792,045p75k

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