How to say "Hello"

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     Previously, I wrote about how to greeting people with those you have close relationship with. You’ve learned to say “Привет” Now in formal form,  there’re 2 words to be used.
1. здравствуй – to use with a person and only with an acquaintance, same age.
Example: I meet a colleague somewhere, and I want to say greeting to him.
Hello Ivan!                                                        
zdrфvstvui, Ivan
Здравствуй, Иван!

Hello Tran! How’re you?
zdravstvui, kak pahzhivayesh?
Здравствуй Тран! Как поживаешь?

I’m fine. Thank you.
Oo menya kharasho. spasiba.
У меня хорошо. Спасибо.
2. здравствуйте – to use with many people/ with a person who is senior than you / with an unacquaintance.
Example: I meet my teacher from high school. I’m glad and I want say greeting to her.

Hello, Irina Ivanovna.
zdravstvuite! Irina Ivanovna
Здравствуйте! Ирина Ивановна

Hello, Tran. How’re you?
zdravstvuite, Tran. kak pahzhivayetye?
Здравствуйте, Тран. Как поживаете?

I’m fine. Thank you.
oo menya kharasho. spasibo.
У Меня хорошо.  Спасибо.

That’s some easy form use of how to say greeting. You can already say Hello to Russian. I hope you try:)

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